Product Sourcing

Who Needs Product Sourcing Service from Us?

We are a sourcing agent to offer tailor-made service for Shopify sellers, Amazon FBA sellers and small importers.

Shopify Sellers

You sell your items using any eCommerce platform and without the hassle of sourcing, warehousing, and shipping. We make it easy for you to fulfill orders by automation.

Amazon FBA Sellers

You can post sourcing request and we purchase and ship products directly to your customer, Amazon or to our overseas warehouse via any shipping options.We make it easy for you to fulfill orders by automation.

Small Importers

You can buy in bulk products and enjoy the best discount from ours.We deliver it safely with flexible transportation for you.

How Can We Grow Your Business Fast?

We are your best dropshipping agent who cares your business as much as you do.We help you to grow your business in the modern ecommerce scenario, thereby growing ours.

Product Sourcing

Our Sourcing will help you find factories and connect with trusted wholesale suppliers in China. Whether you unique needs for price, material, quantity, certification or production requirements, we could find the right supplier to meet your business needs.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Warehouses in China and overseas fulfillment centers enable you to better serve your dropshipping customers.eCommerce business owners enjoy free warehousing and better processing rates for order fulfillment .It makes you easier to start a dropshipping business.

Quality Inspection

EMT dedicated quality checkers conduct inspection during and after production. We inspect all products to helping you meet a quality standard along with the necessary accreditations and ensure it complies with the specifications of the terms of a purchase order.

Ecommerce Integrations

We integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce and other popular ecommerce platforms.Once you’re connected to our automated system, Your orders will be fulfilled and shipped out FAST at your single click. Tracking numbers will be auto-updated to each of your order.

Worldwide Shipping

Whatever you’re a Shopify seller, Amazon seller or an importer,we can ship your products all over the world through our fast private lines and covering all kinds of product attributes and weights.

Branding Dropshipping

We can help find factories to bring your product ideas to life and produce a banded to Package Inserts,Custom Packaging, Private Labeling, and Full Custom Production To Build And Protect Your Brand.

Why Choose EMT as Your Sourcing Agent?

Powerful supply chain management

Our powerful supply chain management and resource integration capabilities help you stand out from your competitors and elevate your business to a new level.

Small Business Friendly

Whatever you are experienced or small&medium-sized shopify drop shipper sellers,we are dedicated to helping your small business to grow and supporting your business to the next level.

Sourcing Products

With years of experience and dedicated team in product sourcing,you post a sourcing request and we will get you the products that meet your ideal and high standards with a profitable price.

Win-Win Mindset

We’ve helped many startups begin from small&medium-sized to a solid brand,our win-win mindset is most significant to grow your business,and in turn,we’ve been a witness to our own growth.

Product Sourcing Agent

We offer a comprehensive range of tailor-made sourcing services aimed at facilitating and streamlining your business in China. We have a reliable network that reaches out to the best suppliers in China, and our team uses their expertise and experience to ensure that you minimize expenses, mitigate associated risks, and secure transactions for an unequivocal supply chain in China. Our team of experts has expertise and skills that span across many industries and fields. And EMT capability to manage orders from start to finish ensures highly efficient and seamless procurement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get manufacture’s best price from China? And fulfill your orders to your customers in the most prompt way?

In the dropshipping and eCommerce business, product sourcing refers to the entire process of finding (or ‘sourcing’) products to sell in your online store.

This whole process of locating suppliers or manufacturers, contacting them, asking them for the quality of the products, negotiating a price, and so on, is called product sourcing.

We source suppliers & factories through the online marketplace, word of mouth referrals and our private network. Our goal is to work with the right suppliers who are reliable and fast. Ones that fully understand how ecommerce works.

Our sourcing service is free. You only need to pay when you approve the quote and are ready to start working with us

Upon you submitted your sourcing request,we will assign a professional sourcing assistant to follow it up,if you provided all the detailed information,you probably get an quote within 48 hours.

We can collaborate with your current suppliers and manage inbound shipment and order fulfillment. In this case you’ll only be charged for the fulfillment fees.

We offer a free replacement or full refund to you if there are quality issues, or if the package gets lost or damaged during transit.

We mainly source for consumer goods due to our proximity to the largest wholesale market in China. also we source them from other cities. For example, we source electronics from Shenzhen city, Shoes & Garment from Jinjiang.Distance is never a problem, you will still get the product in time.

We have sourced many different kinds of products. However, we cannot be experts in all industries.

For a fact, everyone has his/her knowledge blind area.

Whenever we get a new product, we learn from it and contact experts from either the factory or supplier. With this kind of cooperation, we ensure the entire sourcing process is efficient.

We do a comprehensive online search. Our company collects this information via Chinese search engine and business portals.

The EMT team evaluates and assesses each supplier by doing a thorough inspection of every product they offer. We then filter good suppliers who can then send us their quotation and sample products.

Offline: We have also accumulated many factory resources from the local city, wholesale markets, trade fairs, friends’ introduction etc.

Just tell us what products or services you need. We will then take you through a step-by-step process on how to get it faster at the best market price.

Even new importers find this to be an easy process. For more information, please check how we work page.

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

We offer the best price and dropshipping services to help you grow your dropshipping business