How not to choke and not tremble during a public performance

Public performances for many are one of the most stressful situations that you can imagine. How to calm a nervous trembling and learn how to control breathing and voice?

Each of us periodically has to speak in public – with a report, toast, report. A lump rolled to the throat, the body clears the nervous numbness, the knees treacherously tremble, the hands are shaking so that the microphone walks in them with a shaking. You swallow the air eagerly, but it is still missing. I want to run away, fall through the earth.

This is how one of the most common fears is manifested – public speaking. More often, perhaps, only the fear of death is found. The reactions that the body gives out: a nervous trembling, a frantic heartbeat, a violation of the rhythm of breathing – it seems that they cannot be controlled.

In fact, you can cope with them or at least minimize. If you are afraid to act, but you still have to do this in the near future, some tips on how to help yourself calm down.

1. Nervous trembling: a wedge is knocked out by a wedge

I worked as a psychologist at the Ministry of Emergencies, and when working with the victims, we used a technique that removes a strong nervous trembling. Trembling – the reaction of the body to stress.

The equipment must be performed in pairs. Ask a colleague with whom you communicate well, stand face to face before you, take it by the shoulders and shock it very much. The task is to kill the rhythm of your trembling due to intensive shaking from the outside. Gradually, the partner should reduce the

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intensity of movements and smoothly reduce them. As a result, your nervous trembling should pass at least for a while.

2. Watch through

Those who teach the art of public speaking say that it is necessary to make contact with the audience. If you know how to hold the audience and do not worry during speech, this is certainly like that.

But if you are afraid, it becomes the main mistake. As soon as you start looking into the eyes of others, immediately get off your thoughts, scatter attention, you lose the thread, begin to make mistakes, incorrectly pronounce the words and from this even more nervous.

Do not look at others, direct your eyes through them, into the distance, into the open space. Try to concentrate on the information about which you are talking about, the words that you say, and do not think about how it looks from the outside. Your task is to convey the thought. Everything else should not worry you.


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