Irena Ponaroshka: “Chronicles of the ecolic”

The TV presenter and columnist Irena Ponaroshka practices yoga, stands for a healthy lifestyle and knows, perhaps, everything about proper nutrition. She calls her religion eco -activism. She says what this means to her.

Hi, I’m Irena, and I am an echoik. I sort garbage, go with my bottle of water, do not take bags at the checkout and I like to argue about what is more environmentally friendly: eco -leather or natural. And then one day, waking up on vacation before dawn, to go with other eco-activists to remove garbage on the beach, I thought: “Something reminds me of it”.

Early climb, morning chills, darkness outside the window, the need to go somewhere. Then collective service for the sake of a large common idea. And then an incomparable feeling of lightness, joy with nothing. And pure conscience. The same thing I experienced whenever I went to the temple for the morning service.

By the way, the temples in my life were different: I am from an Orthodox family, my mother will prefer a pilgrimage trip to the sea. I was 12 years married to

Krishnait, who walked around all the Vaishnavian shrines of India. But if we talk about rituals and traditions, then there and there about the same thing: early climbs, group spiritual practices, austerities.

In modern society, which inevitably moves from traditional values to secular, ecology has become for many a new religion. People need a system, they need to understand what is good, what is bad, how to do the right thing, how – wrong. You need to save the soul, wash sins.


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