Inventory Storage Service

You Can Buy From Your Suppliers And Ship To Our Warehouses In China Or The USA&Europe. We Serve As Your Fulfillment Center, Taking Care Of Your Inventory And Getting The Orders Delivered To Your Customers.

How We Promote Your Dropshipping Business Growth With Inventory Storage Services?

Quality Inspection

Quality products are very important for any business.Our trusted team will carry out strict quality checks to certify product quality which will distinguishes your business from your competitors.

Inventory Management &Tracking

We take care of your private labeled products at our secure facility for free.You can track of your inventory status in real time with our advanced platform and make your business easier.


Our seamless integration with major ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and more.Once an order comes in through your website,our team will arrange how the product will be shipped immediately.


For the same delivery address,we bundle multiple items into a single package.Custom Packing for your products using packing materials depend on the product nature or your request.

Order Management

Sync orders with one click.Your orders will be fulfilled and shipped out FAST at your single click. Tracking numbers will be auto-updated to each of your order.

Shipping Worldwide

No matter if you’re a Shopify seller, Amazon seller or an importer, We provide worldwide fulfillment service,shipping options are multifarious and flexible to meet your product’s attributes.

Why Choose EMT

If you have an existing supplier in China, we will help you to make the whole process even easier. With EMTl Inventory Storage Services You can rest assured that your fulfillment warehouse is in expert hands. As a complete fulfillment warehouse solution,we offer world class service and support. EMT has the capability and flexibility to manage your distribution and build your brand in a cost-effective way. Our complete warehouse fulfillment solutions help you attain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty through fast, accurate, reliable processing and shipping of your products. Beginning with the receiving process to the confirmation of shipment, a professional and highly controlled environment is maintained. Our warehouse is equipped to ship by any carrier and to make use of all techniques of optimizing delivery metrics to ensure the most efficient means of delivery. We are also capable of assembly, kitting, gift wrapping, preparing personalized messages with packages, providing specialized inserts, customizing your packing slips and deploying innovative packaging solutions.

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Saving Time
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Achieving Success

Frequently Asked Questions

The ultimate inventory storage service faq guide.

Have you been spending your precious time in the warehouse … replenishing stock, managing shelves, doing stock checks, printing mail-labels, sorting, packing and mailing your orders? We can handle all these chores for you so that you can have extra time to focus on marketing your products and increasing your sales.

Our China Warehouse Service will be an ideal solution in helping you to expand your business. It basically consists of 2 services: Warehousing Service and Order Packing & Mailing Service.

No min monthly plan fee, you can keep your Made-in-China items in our warehouse, you can check your inventory online and we can help you to pack and ship out the items to your customers whenever you want.

We offer a variety of services that we believe we can satisfy your different demands in supply chain.

1.Warehouse Fulfillment Service includes receiving, storage, pick & pack.

2.Global shipping service from China via Postal services,major international Express services, our self-developed Dedicated lines, FBA shipping lines,Freight forwarding service, Air shipping , ocean shipping agency service.

3.Drop-ship assistance includes repacking, consolidation, labeling, assembly, etc.

4.Add-on service: kitting, branding, webstore integration,COD.

5.Products sourcing and buying.

A concise process flow: Receiving> General QC > Put on storage shelves > Pick & Pack orders > Shipping

Our warehouse fulfillment Service procedure are :

1.Firstly we receive your goods in our warehouse, our QC department check the packing list and articles, count the QTY and general check if the items broken/damaged.

2.Second step we allocate shelves location and storage boxes for your goods with our WMS(warehouse management system), then we put your stock on the corresponding shelves or inside the storage boxes and also bind the SKU barcode with the location number in our system.

3.When we receive your orders on system, our warehouse staff print a picking list and go to pick the products, then take them to packing area. They scan each SKU barcode and make sure the items are consistent with the order and pack the products with bubble envelop or box, then paste address label on the parcel and deduct fees.

4.Packages will be sent to our operation center for sorting and shipping out.

When goods arrive to our warehouse, we open every box to check quality, color, quantity, size, and take HD photos for you to confirm. For some customized orders, we start the quality control process during production.

We ask the manufacturer to send us samples from the bulk production process.

Calculating the cubic feet (often shortened to “cube” or “cf”) of your cargo is easy (and fun!). Measure – in inches – the length (L), width (W), and height (H) of each piece. Then use the formula below to calculate the total cube of all pieces with the same dimensions.

Finally, add up the cubic feet for all the pieces to calculate your shipments cube…

(Number of pieces) x L x W x H /1728

For example, if your shipment has 1 box measuring 12″ x 12″ x 12″ and 2 crates @ 60″ x 30″ x 20″:

1 x 12 x 12 x 12 /1728= 1728 /1728= 1.0 cubic foot

2 x 60 x 30 x 20/1728 = 72,000 /1728= 41.7 cubic feet

Next, add up the total cube of all the pieces:

Total cube for this hypothetical shipment = 1 cf 41.7 cf = 42.7 cf = 43 cf


There is no hidden fee. The occasional unexpected cost is when the address belongs to a remote area and the carrier may come back to ask for remote area surcharge, but that cannot be avoided because it is not possible to predict. Also, in some rare cases, the recipient may ask his local carrier to deliver to another address, there is change address fee. For example, if your customer provided you with his home address, but he is not at home to receive it and he tells the carrier guy to bring it to his office instead. You will have to absorb this fee for your customers.

Besides,any costs related to customs, taxes or import fees are not included and may vary from country to country and over time.

With so many goods in our care or custody, we cannot afford to lose them.Our warehouse is equipped with fire suppression systems as well as 24 hour surveillance and controlled access to ensure the safety of your products. Insurance service on the products is optional,we charge 0.1%of products value for each year. In the rare event of products lost, we make compensation based on the products value.


If you suspect that your parcel is lost in transit, then we will help you to send an inquiry list to the post office or courier company and they will investigate.

They will compensate you if they can confirm that the parcel is indeed lost. Note that you cannot make a claim if you have chosen to send by regular postal service which does not have a tracking number.

High value of the products we suggest you choose express service or buy insurance.

All sea &air service support insurance service.

After receiving your new stock, we will verify contents and quantities against the packing list. They should also match the ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) which you have created in our system. We will perform basic QC or visual inspection, put the products on shelf and update inventory. Upon completion, the new stock will be available for fulfillment.Generally it takes within one day for us to process if no problem and not many SKU or large quantities come at one time. If over 100 SKU/5000units and they are urgent to be ready for shipping soon,please inform us 3 days in advance,then we would arrange more staff to handle.

If you have stock in our warehouse and your orders are in before noon, Monday through Friday they will be shipped the same day. Otherwise orders will ship on the next business day.

You can assign the task in our support system, or send a direct message to your account manager. He/she will take care of it.

As long as our shipping partners haven’t process it and sent it to airfreight, we can cancel it.

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